April 2020:  Meditating in the Time of Corona

April :: Week 1

Daily Sit :: April 2: Compassion: Ground, Breathe, Calm, Settle, Soothe

Ground... Breathe... Calm... Settle... Soothe

Daily Sit :: April 3: Beneficial Presence

ORIENT out of your own way of relating to the world and into a posture of a Beneficial Presence who is watching out for your wellbeing.

Daily Sit :: April 4: The Negativity Bias

NOTICE & NAME this habit of mind.

April :: Week 2

Daily Sit :: April 5: Practicing Equanimity

ORIENT towards equipoise in body and in heartmind. Feel for balance, feel for centeredness.

Daily Sit :: April 6: Creating a Nest


Daily Sit :: April 7: Creating a Holding Environment

Set up the conditions for a space that feels holding inside. Empathetic attunement; how is the moment asking to be met.

Daily Sit :: April 8: Narrow and Soften the Focus

Keep it simple: minimize open awareness.

Daily Sit :: April 9: Befriending the Body

Let go of as much tension as is possible, many times during the day. Shake it off. That is a compassionate act.

Daily Sit :: April 10: Doing What Uplifts the Body

Engage in delightful activities.

Daily Sit :: April 11: Sati: Remembering to Bring Mindfulness to Mind

Take an ordinary mundane task and do as you normally would, then try doing it from a posture of mindful caring attention. See the difference for yourself!

April :: Week 3

Daily Sit :: April 12: Self Compassion

Reflecting on your fundamental goodness.

Daily Sit :: April 13: Check In. How Are You, Right Now?

Meet yourself as you are. Check in. How are you right now? Aim towards wellbeing. Adjust accordingly.

Daily Sit :: April 14: Permission to Savor

Lingering in wholesome mind states for 12 seconds

Daily Sit :: April 15: Let Go of the Story & Stress; Come Into the Present Moment

Notice the story. Take a breath. Let go of the story. Come back into the body, into the present moment. B-r- e- a-t- h- e, Let go of the stress. Come into the present moment.

Daily Sit :: April 16: Interest is the Mother of the Settled Mind

Practicing ‘as if’ the breath were compelling.

Daily Sit :: April 17: Be kind to the EYES!

Notice *reaching* out to SEE. Take a Breath. Settle back, settle down. Soften the gaze. Receive seeing. Less effort, more ease. TECHNICAL NOTE: The audio during this meditation is very faint between time mark 12:45 until time mark 24:39. It is recommended that you listen with headphones if possible. After 24:39, the audio is normal.

Daily Sit :: April 18: Imbuing the Atmosphere of Practice with Friendliness

‘Hey Buddy’ or ‘Hey My Darlin’, how is it going today?

April :: Week 4

Daily Sit :: April 19: Uplifting the Heart with Gratitude and Appreciation

Notice the ordinary blessings--health of body, heart and mind, the basic requisites for living; notice your own efforts to stay safe and keep others safe; notice other's efforts to support our wellbeing. Receive these blessings.

Daily Sit :: April 20: Inviting Wonder

We may not be able to be ‘a bride married to amazement, but let’s remember the ordinary miracle of being here when returning to the breath.

Daily Sit :: April 21: Befriending the Breath

Get to know the breath. Check in. How does it FEEL right now?

Daily Sit :: April 22: Happy Earth Day!

Appreciate our precious planet.

Daily Sit :: April 23: Blow Life Into Your Wind Instrument

This is a wind instrument we have here. Blow life into it! Who else is going to? Play with modulating the breath to bring body-heartmind into ease and harmony.

Daily Sit :: April 24: Tranquility Not Concentration

Calm leads to stability, not striving!
Stead and calm big emotions by narrowing or widening the aperture of attention.

Daily Sit :: April 25: Steadying and Calming Big Emotions

Narrow or widen the aperture of attention. What is needed? Adjust the view to support calming and steadying.

April :: Week 5

Daily Sit :: April 26: Abandon the Unwholesome Kindly

Don’t invite unwholesome mind states to the party!!

Daily Sit :: April 27: Invite the Wholesome and Keep it Around.

Keep wholesome mind states around for 12 seconds to rewire the brain. Savor the flavor!

Daily Sit :: April 28: Using Imagery to Lighten Up

Intentionally lighten and brighten the practice with imagery.

Daily Sit :: April 29: Notice Harsh Self-Talk

NOTICE it. NAME it; INTERRUPT it! Then, SOOTHE the upset.

Daily Sit :: April 30: Search for Delight

Taste the strawberry in front of you.

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