July 2020:  Meditating in the Time of Corona

July :: Week 1

Daily Sit :: July 1:  The Science and Art of Practice

Four classic moves in mindfulness; See it; Feel it; Investigate it; Respond skillfully

Daily Sit :: July 2:  Moved to FEEL Intentional Creation of Sangha

What is needed to be able to stay present and feel what is happening?

Daily Sit :: July 3:  Just Go With the Flow

So simple in concept, but not as simple in practice.

Daily Sit :: July 4:  Freedom Looks Like This!

Let’s practice liberating ourselves from the tyranny of our destructive habits!

July :: Week 2

Daily Sit :: July 5:  The Yin and Yang of Attention

Balancing agency and receptivity in meditation.

Daily Sit :: July 6:  Letting Go is Hard To Do

Honoring the gradual process of release.

Daily Sit :: July 7:  GROUNDing in the Present Moment

Use some aspect of the physical world--sights, sounds, and bodily sensations--rather than on our internal thoughts and feelings.

Daily Sit :: July 8:  The Dilemma of Working with Unwholesome Mind States

We must feel them directly first, and we are not wired to do so.

Daily Sit :: July 9:  Unbind From Thoughts Through the Body

Notice THINKING, then bring Attention back into the BODY and feel how it feels in real time.

Daily Sit :: July 10:  Leading with Generosity

Exploring the giving cycle.

Daily Sit :: July 11:  Practicing in the Nooks and Crannies

Make use of transitions, the in-between moments to restabilize. Ground & breathe.

July :: Week 3

Daily Sit :: July 12:  Kindle Warmth in Your Practice

Create an inner holding environment by inviting the heart and mind into our practice.

Daily Sit :: July 13:  Kiss the Bird as it Flies By

Observe but do not sign up for clinging and aversion

Daily Sit :: July 14:  Space: The Final Frontier

Too much space, too loose or drifty→ Ground, settle down: Too little space, uptight, cramped→ Expand, make room.

Daily Sit :: July 15:  Natural Concentration

Releasing to natural concentration wanting to have something else when our mind-state is “not enough”.

Daily Sit :: July 16:  Give Wild Horses a Wide Pasture

Give your wild horses--your upsets, obsessions, physical pain, and heartaches--room to breathe and be.

Daily Sit :: July 17:  Practicing in a World on Fire

The challenge of loving locally without despairing.

Daily Sit :: July 18:  United We Stand, Divided We Fall

Appreciating the lifeblood of sangha.

July :: Week 4

Daily Sit :: July 19:  Chanting Can Uplift the Heart

Another way to cultivate the internal holding environment; a personal example.

Daily Sit :: July 20:  We Are Different; We See Difference

BREATHE and ALLOW. May we all be more inclusive as we move through our day!

Daily Sit :: July 21:  Kinder Please

Coming back to simple kindness, the gateway to compassion.

Daily Sit :: July 22:  The Bodhisattva Way of John Lewis

Courage, commitment & compassion. Let’s walk his way alone together.

Daily Sit :: July 23:  Shifting the Way We Perceive

The eye of the beholder can be trained

Daily Sit :: July 24:  When Fur Flies

Let’s not go down the rabbit hole of self-blame.

July :: Week 5

Daily Sit :: July 26:  Bringing the Heart Into Practice

How do we get the heart involved and cultivate "good enough-ness"?

Daily Sit :: July 29:  The Miracle of Radical Impermanence

The intricate connections of mind - an illusion of solidity on a backdrop of impermanence.

Daily Sit :: July 31:  Bill's Birthday Reflection

Gratitude for those who have loved us into NOW.

Daily Sit :: July 30: Mindfulness is a Heart Training

The heart regulates our interest in our world. Mindfulness meditation trains us in holding interest.

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