June 2020:  Meditating in the Time of Corona

June :: Week 1

Daily Sit :: June 1:  HATE - The Virus That Kills Us!

Breathe in & receive all who suffer as you do right now. Breathe out & offer kindness and compassion for you and others as a balm.

Daily Sit :: June 2:  Intentional Creation of Sangha

Make small efforts to connect with others..

Daily Sit :: June 3:  Sangha Energy!

Make use of the sangha, the collective energies of goodwill, to heal and restore our sense of connection and belonging.

Daily Sit :: June 4:  The Power of Generosity

Explore offering small acts of kindness.

Daily Sit :: June 6:  Working With Restlessness

Limiting stress in small moments.

Daily Sit :: June 5:  Being a Good Ancestor; Living Life Forward

We are eternally linked in radical interconnectedness with our ancestors and with generations to come.

June :: Week 2

Daily Sit :: June 7-10:  Away on retreat; No videos

Daily Sit :: June 11:  Reflections on Dukkha

Notice the low grade moments of mild distress.

Daily Sit :: June 13:  Attitude Shapes Perception

Monitor the lens through which you are attending.

June :: Week 3

Daily Sit :: June 14:  The Two Hands of Kindness

Check in & see what is needed... the firm hand or the soft hand of kindness?

Daily Sit :: June 15:  The Art of Being Alert and at Ease

What does it really mean to be both alert and at ease? Are you trending toward control and striving or drifting and sleepiness?

Daily Sit :: June 16:  The View of Mindfulness

ORIENT towards a non-judgmental, non self-referential posture of caring attention to present moment experience.

Daily Sit :: June 17:  Watching a Cat Watch a Deer with Wonder

Spice up your perception with fresh eyes.

Daily Sit :: June 18: SEE-ing Clearly

See Yourself as if you are a bird being observed by a passionate birder.Spice up your perception with fresh eyes.

Daily Sit :: June 19: Attending to Multiple Objects

Move rapidly between physical sensations and sounds.

Daily Sit :: June 20:  FEEL-ingly clearly

SEEing is essential but FEELing makes real what has been seen

June :: Week 4

Daily Sit :: June 21:  Happy Father's Day

Appreciating Fathers and Fathering

Daily Sit :: June 22:  Let Yourself "Not Know"

Get curious. Inhabit the posture of ‘don’t know mind’, then look freshly.

Daily Sit :: June 23:  Things We Know But Would Rather Not Know

Exploring the Existential Unavoidables

Daily Sit :: June 24:  The Nuances of Right Action

The importance of both intention and context in offering.

Daily Sit :: June 25:  Metta:  Loving Kindness

Shining the light of friendly attention on yourself and inviting friendliness into the atmosphere of your practice.

Daily Sit :: June 26: Kwan Yin’s in the bathroom!

What helps us remember to be kind and caring?

Daily Sit :: June 27: The High Art of Equanimity

A commonly misunderstood concept & practice.

June :: Week 5

Daily Sit :: June 28: Kindness

For kindness to take root we must see for ourselves how each of us have our own personal sorrows, and that the experience of sorrow is what connects us to each other.

Daily Sit :: June 29:

Daily Sit :: June 30: Meditative Moves of Mindfulness


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