March 2020:  Meditating in the Time of Corona

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Daily Sit :: March 26 - How Much News Do You Need?

It is an act of SELF CARE to NOTICE what we are taking in, how it feels, and how it lands. ADJUST accordingly.

Daily Sit :: March 27 - Grounding - The Live Wire of Our Emotions

When tense situations OR big emotions arise… PAUSE... LOCATE the body... LOCATE the ground... and BREATHE GROUND & BREATHE. Emotions destabilize us. Aim to Re-stabilize as quickly as possible. Coming back to the present moment, into a body that is standing, sitting, lying down, walking on Mother Earth ...b r e a t h i n g GROUND & BREATHE... Inhale, open & lengthen. GROUND & BREATHE... Exhale soften & settle…… GROUND & BREATHE... Feel the ease of putting down, of letting go, of settling down, sensing body, sensing breathing and the earth beneath the feet…. Now, what is happening & how can I respond?

Daily Sit :: March 25 - You Are Not Alone - You Have A Practice

THANK YOU for the compassionate act of social distancing. This is an expression of non-harm. APPRECIATE your efforts.

March :: Week 5

Daily Sit :: March 29 - The High Art of Calming

Step aside and kindly bear witness.

Daily Sit :: March 30 - Going back to Basics: Habits of Self Care

Activities of daily living, of self-care can provide structure for your day. Check in on your self-care habits; adjust accordingly to support wellbeing.

Daily Sit :: March 31 - Stress Invites Regression

Be mindful of holes; if you step in one, you are still a good person.

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