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Dear Householder, Lay Practitioner, and Public-at-Large


Bill and I have spent most of our time teaching psychotherapists how to deepen their mindfulness meditation practice. 

Since the pandemic, having moved all of our teaching online, we have had the great good fortune to reach out to the general public as well, to support the deepening of your practice as well.

The pandemic has made even more of a necessity for many, and online offerings has increased access to the teachings, minimizing the typical barriers of money, time and travel.

The online medium also creates the conditions for people to learn how to practice in the middle of their daily lives! This is exciting and very practical!

So, with that, we welcome you to our humble online abode, and invite you to come on retreat with us in the middle of your life and see what's possible.

While retreats are important, practice becomes truly relevant when it brings increasing balance and heartfulness back into your daily life, into driving, shopping, standing in lines, and working with your own and others afflictive mind states in our multi-tasking lives!

Our plan is to offer regularly scheduled Householder or "lay practitioner" retreats throughout the year that bookend each day with practice yet also allow for a flexible work schedule. We'll also be offering Mindfulness Detox Days, a block of three (3) hours dedicated to practice and Q&A about your practice.

While we're busy putting those together and getting them published on our site, please join us at the Daily Sit for a live, online sitting at 10:30 am (Eastern time).

As always, thank you for your practice!


Susan and Bill


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