6.28.20 - Poem :: Mother's Prayer

our mother who art underfoot, hallowed be thy names, thy seasons come, thy will be done, within us as around us, thank you for our daily bread, our water, our air, and our lives and so much beauty; lead us not into selfish craving and the destructions that are the hungers of the glutted, but deliver us from wanton consumption of thy vast but finite bounty, for thine is the only sphere of life we know, and the power and the glory, forever and ever, amen

... adapted by rebecca solnit

Credited to Rebecca Solnit, the author of "Men Explain Things to Me, “Mother’s Prayer” replaces the familiar “Our father …” with a hymn to a feminine creation spirit and the plea for help in resisting temptation with a hope to avoid “selfish craving” and “the hungers of the glutted.”

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