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Retreats for Therapists & Couples

Retreats for Therapists: 

Residential retreats offer the possibility of taking a deeper mindfulness dive, which enhances therapeutic presence and empathic attunement. Periods of sitting and walking meditation alternate with didactic presentations and mindful dyadic exercises.

For most retreats no meditation experience necessary. CEs are offered.

Along with teaching at traditional residential facilities, we will travel to teach workshops and retreats for therapists.


Retreats for Couples: 

Like gardens, relationships need tending, and periodic weeding. These retreats offer an immersion experience in caring for each, alone and together in our primary relationship. Short guided meditations and a sequence of mindful dyadic exercises alternate with discussion and didactic presentation. Privacy is honored; no one will be put on the spot. No prior meditation experience is necessary.

Along with teaching at traditional residential facilities, we travel to teach workshops for couples, which generally start on Thursday evening and end Sunday at noon. Six to eight couples and a spacious home or yoga studio, for example, will suffice.


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