May 2020:  Meditating in the Time of Corona

May :: Week 2

Daily Sit :: May 3: Talk Nicely to Yourself!

NOTICE how you talk to yourself, then soften the Tone, the Volume, the Words, the Attitude. Create a Loving voice inside.

Daily Sit :: May 4: Briefly Acknowledging Afflictive Mind States

No need to add aversion to the challenging moment; simply return to the present kindly.

Daily Sit :: May 9: Wise Attention and the Tale of the Two Wolves

What kind of attention are you cultivating? Wise attention NOTICES and LET'S GO of indulging the mean wolf's attention.

Daily Sit :: May 8: Holding a Wide Range of Emotion

Make room for both sorrow and delight.

Daily Sit :: May 7: Inhabit the Attitude of a Gracious Host

"This being human is a guest house." Greet whatever “self” is HERE warmly. “Welcome….What can I offer you to feel more comfortable?”

Daily Sit :: May 6: Inviting Friendliness to the Dance

How is it Going in there Buddy?

Daily Sit :: May 5: Ordinary DELIGHTS!

Develop your delight radar. Walk through the world as if you are a honeybee looking for nectar.

May :: Week 1

Daily Sit :: May 1: Be Here Now!

NOTICE when the mind leans back into the PAST or forward into the FUTURE. Then, take a BREATH and Come back into the PRESENT.

Daily Sit :: May 2: Cultivating Patience

Moving back from the striving moment to make contact with the current moment.

May :: Week 5

Daily Sit :: May 24: Self-Preservation vs Affiliative States of Mind

Lighten up on self-preservative states; recall that you are always connected.

Daily Sit :: May 25: The Art of Soothing

NOTICE & FEEL the upset. GROUND, BREATHE, CALM, SETTLE, SOOTHE the upset until it passes.

Daily Sit :: May 26: Finding Your Own Way in the Practice

Be creative; follow your natural inclincations.

Daily Sit :: May 27: The Art of Savoring

NOTICE & FEEL small joys and contentments. GROUND, BREATHE, CALM, SETTLE, SAVOR. Savor the flavor!

Daily Sit :: May 28: The Problem with Striving

Practice taking your hands off the wheel.

Daily Sit :: May 29: Using the Improvisational Skill of Yes, and...

Grow the improvisational skill of yes and…. Accept what is and ask how best to respond…

Daily Sit :: May 31: Honoring What We Are Holding At This Time

Do your best to neither boil over nor collapse in despair.

Daily Sit :: May 30: A Story About A Horse and A Carrot

Receive carrots from others; offer them to yourself.

May :: Week 4

Daily Sit :: May 17: [no recording]

Daily Sit :: May 18: When the Wholesome Is Around, Keep It Around.

See it, Feel it, Savor it.

Daily Sit :: May 19: When the Wholesome Is Not Around, Bring It Around

Recollect the wholesome; SEE things, as if for the first time; Reframe or transform neutral or difficult moments by attending to the ease amidst the dis-ease. Breathe.

Daily Sit :: May 20: When the Unwholesome Is Around, Find a Way to Release It

Notice and briefly feel into the unwholesomeness state before re-settling.

Daily Sit :: May 21: When the Unwholesome Is Not Around, Don't Invite It

NOTICE the signs of casual, neutral, or slightly aversive mindstates,
then RE-INVIGORATE the posture of mindful caring attention. FRESHEN UP frequently.

Daily Sit :: May 22: Summary of the Four Great Exertions

Explore these important territories with a childlike spirit.

Daily Sit :: May 23: Working with the Energies of the Four Great Endeavors

Explore the right degree and appropriate placement of effort.

May :: Week 3

Daily Sit :: May 10: Happy Mothers Day

All mothers love as they love, given their causes and conditions.

Daily Sit :: May 11: Befriending the Pain We Carry in Our Bodies.

SEE, FEEL, & DISCERN experientially Holding and Being Held.

Daily Sit :: May 12: Settling Back

Inviting a receptive posture in practice.

Daily Sit :: May 13: Let the Breath Help You

How does the breath want to breathe to re-establish calm stability?

Daily Sit :: May 14: User Friendly Reflections on Karma

Seed your future in the present moment.

Daily Sit :: May 15: Short Practices Many Times

Let’s make use of all of the smaller momentswhen we DO wake up out of daydream, worry, or upset and into the present moment. Bring the practice alive--right there--for a few cycles of breathing.

Daily Sit :: May 16: Natural Concentration

Staying in the vicinity with interest.

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